Saturday, November 3, 2007

Floyd Patterson Loses Battle With Prostate Cancer

The Boxing world has lost one of its most adored and appealing heavyweights. Former Heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Patterson, who was considered a very humble and kind person recently succumbed to the battle against Alzheimer’s and prostate disease. This was a drawn out bout that just seemed to outlast the 71-year-old legend in the final round. In 1956, Floyd Patterson knocked out Archie Moore to become world heavyweight champion of the world. Back and forth between fights he lost and won the title. In the end of his career it was the great Sonny Liston that finalized Patterson trip back and forth to stardom.

At a memorial service for Patterson held in Hudson Valley on Saturday, more than 200 people got together to say goodbye to this great man. After retiring to New Paltz in 1972, Patterson made it a point to seek and heal lost souls, by becoming an ecumenical minister. The rev at the service, which knew Patterson quite well, could not understand how such a caring and loving man could actually beat other people up for sport. Nonetheless he does recall seeing pictures of Patterson helping the men he floored up after a bout.

Patterson was later inducted into the International hall of fame for Boxing in the year 1991. Patterson did have an adopted son by the name of Tracy Harris Patterson, whom carried in his footsteps by winning the super bantamweight and super featherweight titles.

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