Saturday, November 3, 2007

Men's Health - Prostate Cancer And Men

Men and women are alike, as they are human beings with a similar physical structure. They are very similar in their outlook, and even biologically too.

However, there are certain things that are just totally conflict, such as the main organs that define their sexes. Males have different gonads and so do women, and this plays a vital role in making them the people that they are. Not only this, but it can be said that their organs and the hormones from them make them prone in different ways as well. As an example of this is the way that women are prone to getting cancer of the breasts and cervix. Men of course, do not suffer this way, except in the case of some men getting breast cancer.


In contrast to women suffering from cancer of the cervix, there are conditions that affect men, such as Prostrate Cancer. This is a condition that affects men because of the fact that they have a prostrate gland. In many men, the prostrate gland is known to swell up. This condition usually takes place when men reach a certain age, ...............

Floyd Patterson Loses Battle With Prostate Cancer

The Boxing world has lost one of its most adored and appealing heavyweights. Former Heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Patterson, who was considered a very humble and kind person recently succumbed to the battle against Alzheimer’s and prostate disease. This was a drawn out bout that just seemed to outlast the 71-year-old legend in the final round. In 1956, Floyd Patterson knocked out Archie Moore to become world heavyweight champion of the world. Back and forth between fights he lost and won the title. In the end of his career it was the great Sonny Liston that finalized Patterson trip back and forth to stardom.

At a memorial service for Patterson held in Hudson Valley on Saturday, more than 200 people got together to say goodbye to this great man. After retiring to New Paltz in 1972, Patterson made it a point to seek and heal lost souls, by becoming an ecumenical minister. The rev at the service, which knew Patterson quite well, could not understand how such a caring and loving man could actually beat other people up for sport. Nonetheless he does recall seeing pictures of Patterson helping the men he floored up after a bout.

Patterson was later inducted into the International hall of fame for Boxing in the year 1991. Patterson did have an adopted son by the name of Tracy Harris Patterson, whom carried in his footsteps by winning the super bantamweight and super featherweight titles.

A Viral Infection Might Lead To Prostate Cancer

Recent researches targeting prostate cancer have associated the prostate cancer development with the presence of a newly identified virus called XMRAV. According to study conclusion the XMRV was identified as an infectious agent in humans and closely related to a virus that causes leukemia in mice.

The findings are based of screening prostate tumor samples from 85 men with prostatectomy with a DNA ViroChip containing the genetic sequences of about 5,000 human viruses. The researches confirmed the possibility that a viral infection might lead to prostate cancer developing in men.

XMRV could be transmitted trough sexual activity. Then it is possible that XMRV to cause an infection able to lead to chronic inflammation of the prostate. In a way similar human papillomavirus (HPV) can trigger cervical cancer, this chronic inflammation caused by XMRV could result in prostate cancer.

This could be the first time an evidence is produced that a virus is related to prostate cancer development.

The research team conclusion suggests that more research is needed to confirm their findings. The good news seems to be the fact that if prostate cancer is caused by a virus such as XMRV, then its action can be cancelled using special targeted drugs or vaccine. The use of condom could be also a way to prevent XMRV sexual transmission.

Full Body Sensuous Massage

Hands are very important when giving a massage. There are many bones and muscles in the hands that provide movement. According to the Bible, Jesus actually healed the Lepers using his hands. They play a great deal in giving a great sensuous massage. Hands are important as well as oil in giving in good massage. You should pay careful attention in the selection of oil. Many are scented or flavored for an extra treat and relaxation when you are with your lover or massage therapist.

Touch is a very important part of human contact. It helps us feel connected and loved by those around us. Massage is like an art form that takes time to learn. Many massage therapy schools exist today. There are quite a few, even in your own area. In the cities, there are several ads for massage in the classifieds. They range from sensual massage to ways to give your own massage to your lover. The feel of soft hands on your skin rubbing your muscles can feel terrific.

Massage has been around for years. The Asians are especially well known for massage and have rumors of a "happy ending" with their massages. It is a very rejuvenating practice both for the giver and the receiver. I would recommend a massage for anybody with stressed, tight muscles because a massage can relax many different areas in the body. This allows for new cells to grow and rubs away pain so that it may be replaced with the deep feeling of pleasure.

Regular Prostate Cancer Screenings Are Recommended for Obese People

The main majority of experts agree the fact that obesity is among the many risk factors for prostate cancer. They found a suspect relation between a man's body mass index (BMI) and prostate cancer condition.

A study involving 787 patients concluded that is more difficult to detect prostate cancer among obese patients, because the significant man's weight may affect the accuracy of a common blood test . Expressing a big concern, the same study found that obesity itself might cause development of the most aggressive form of the disease. Once more obesity was evidenced as a higher risk for the cancer, a killer indeed.

According to Prostate Cancer Foundation, symptoms of the ailment include a necessity to urinate very often, weak urine flow, difficulty in starting urination, painful or burning urination, painful ejaculation, blood cells in the semen or urine, as well as frequent pain and cramps in the lower back, hips and upper thighs.

Because prostate cancer is a relatively slow-growing disease and easy to control if it is detected early enough, the regular screenings are recommended for obese people experiencing the above symptoms. They can determine whether cancer is present and reveal how quickly the cancer changes over time and how much aggressive is the type developed.

Being Overweight Makes Hard The Prostate Cancer Diagnose

Have you heard the news about a relationship between obesity and cancer death rate? You should know that researchers evaluate that as many as 90,000 cancer deaths in the United States each year may be linked to obesity and, therefore, could be prevented.

Obesity and overweight may make it harder to diagnose prostate cancer, resulting to delayed diagnosis and leading some men at an even higher risk for dying of this disease. This is the conclusion of a recent multi-university study. As a consequence, the study authors are recommending that physicians be especially thorough when investigating fat men for prostate cancer.

According to the study findings, up to a level, prostate gland size grows as body mass index (BMI) increases. BMI is a body fatness evaluation formula based on weight adjusted for height. Due of larger prostate glands existed among obese men, doctors may be 20 percent to 25 percent less able to diagnose prostate cancer.

Most people don't think that obese or overweight condition is a risk factor for cancer. Usually, the prostate cancer diagnose is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack Going back to obese condition, the bigger the haystack is, the harder it is to find the needle. Therefore in many obese patients physicians may not identify prostate cancers at the right time.

To Be or Not To Be PSA Screened

Women have breasts. Men have prostate. Like the breasts in a women, this male gland produces and secretes fluid.

PSA, an enzyme in the form of a glycoprotein, is a such kind of fluid concentrated in prostatic tissue. Normally, serum PSA levels are very low and high PSA levels in the blood may indicate a prostate problem. Rise of PSA may be a sign of benign growth or swelling of the prostate, as well as of prostate cancer.

Apparently, the more we know about PSA, the more we know about our prostate condition. Therefore a regular PSA test is a way to detect earlier possible problems. Many clinicians claim that incidence of death from prostate cancer has significantly decreased since the advent of PSA testing.

Of course PSA plays an important role in this situation. But there are many opinions supporting the idea that PSA is only one of many factors influencing mortality rates. Some authors concluded that the increased use of early hormone therapy has a greater impact on mortality than PSA screening.

Because randomized clinical trials have found PSA test far to be perfect, physicians should explain to prostate sufferers that its unclear if screening is a good thing or not. Most men do choose to be screened, and that's very reasonable. And the same reasonable must be the option to refuse the screening.